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Dental Sterilization MedTech from Korea looks for Thai distributor

Preema International’s Thai market researchers are advising a successful Korean MedTech startup in finding the best possible Thai distribution partner.  Actilink Reborn is one of their patented, innovative sterilization technology products targeting dental implant clinics.

Impurities such as hydrocarbons are created on the surface of implants which inserted into the human body during cleaning, sterilization, storage and distribution. Hydrocarbons reduce the effective surface area for osseointegration of implants which increases the treatment period and causes implants to fall off. Regenerative and active solution of Plasmapp effectively removes impurities such as hydrocarbons on the implant surface in a short time through plasma treatment, improving biocompatibility, shortening the stabilization period of surgery, and increasing the success rate.

Interested Thai dental distributors are welcome to reach out to Preema International for further details.