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International Boutique Management Consulting Firm

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Pillar 1

We Do M&A And Find
Partners Or Investors

We advise Asian and European clients in their strategic decisions, such as potential company and portfolio acquisitions, mergers, or divestments. Our clients are entrepreneurs, family businesses, tech companies as well as corporations that look for the best possible execution of their M&A or partnership projects.

“A good dealmaker understands that it’s their job to finesse things into place.” – Warren Buffet

Example: We were hired as the M&A project manager for a well-known player in the local insurance industry. After initially deciding to walk away from a first acquisition target because of issues identified by Preema in a Due Diligence, we later negotiated a favourable Sales Purchase Agreement with another target and closed the transaction within six months from project start.

Pillar 2

We Start, Scale-Up Or
Close-Down Businesses

With our long-standing relationships with many Thai and international experts and past collaborators, we can support clients in the set-up of various forms of Thai incorporated companies and representative offices.

We believe that the best start of a new idea or venture is to go through at least a minimal market analysis, financial and capital planning process; once the strategic direction is clear, we can confidently approach potential shareholders and/or collaboration partners.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Example: We set up a Thai representative office of a major European insurer and mastered the full set-up – from application, office space selection to the recruitment of an experienced local industry leader on our client’s behalf.

Pillar 3

We Lead
Transformation Projects

We increase traction and success in our corporate clients’ transformation projects – with focus on business strategy, operational and cultural change, project execution and digitalization.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

Example: We supported a European IT consulting company to win the bidding with a big Thai banking group for the implementation of a private banking application for clients and advisors. We also set-up the consultant’s first operational base in Thailand and managed HR before they were able to start their own office with now 50+ local staff.